Why Aussie Shade Sheds Are Different

Australian Made

Our Shade Sheds are 100% Australian-made with no imported materials!

Galvanised Steel

We use all-Australian, structural galvanised steel called Duragal – a BlueScope product.

Certified Drawings

We can supply Certified Engineer Drawings for our entire Shade Shed range.

Colorbond Sheeting

We offer Colorbond sheeting - an industry standard - across our Shade Shed range.

Grounding Options

We offer multiple grounding options that are suitable for a diverse range of surfaces.

Australia-Wide Delivery

Our products are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Plus, we deliver Australia-wide!

Slip-Fit System

Our swaged frames for our Slip-Fit Connection System are made to be quick and easy to assemble.

Curved Shoulders

Our unique technique of bending the steel, makes our Shade Sheds 30% stronger than any others!

Have Confidence in Quality.Have Confidence in AUSSIE!

Our Range of Shade Sheds

Crafted to effortlessly suit a diverse range of applications

Aussie Shade Sheds are modular, enabling you to customise your shed and tailor it to your specific needs. Each Aussie Shade Shed is a standard width however by connecting multiple modules together, you can create a structure of any length. The Aussie Shade Shed modules are prefabricated sections, and they are all manufactured at our Head Office location in Kunda Park, Queensland. This flexibility in length is advantageous for many industrial and agricultural applications where large areas need to be covered, such as warehouses, factories, or storage facilities. It allows for efficient use of space and customisation according to the requirements of the site.


Finch Range

3170mm Wide

Designed to provide the perfect blend of convenience and functionality. Whether you’re looking to protect your vehicle, create useable outdoor area, or simply add more practicality to your property, our Small Shade Sheds are the ideal solution.

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Kookaburra Range

4670mm Wide

These robust but versatile structures provide spacious ground cover and  endless possibilities for storage, and are perfect for motorhomes, caravans, and larger vehicles, while providing a little more breathing room undercover.

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Ibis Range

6170mm Wide

If you’re in need of a larger shelter to accommodate your growing needs these practical sheds, this is the one for you. Whether you need to protect multiple cars, caravans, equipment or alike, our large Shade Sheds have you covered.

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Pelican Range

9000mm Wide

A great option for a range of industrial, farming, and rural storage and shade needs. They’re perfect for feed storage or to protect large equipment such as light planes, trucks, industrial vehicles, tractors, and other farm machinery.

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Albatross Range

12000mm Wide

When size and strength matter most, they rise to the occasion. Crafted to meet the demands of large-scale industrial projects, these large structures provide an unparalleled amount of space for heavy equipment, farm machinery, and similar.

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Place Your Order

Complete the enquiry form on the website for your desired product and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to place your order. Alternatively, contact our team directly on 07 5294 1016 so we can answer any questions you may have and place your order.



Once your order is placed, it will enter production and then packing ready for delivery. You will receive two (2) deliveries; the frame pack from us and the sheeting from our supplier. Both deliveries will be to your front door!


DIY Installation

Upon delivery, your pre-engineered Aussie Shade Shed includes everything you need for assembly. Thanks to our Slip-Fit Connection System, it’s a simple process of slotting the frames together!

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